Neverball for Windows

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Softonic review

Tilt and guide the ball through a world of mazes

I'm quite a big fan of any game that involves, balls, mazes and pinball action, and Neverball ticked all the right boxes for me.

Neverball sees you guide a ball through a series of complex grids and courses with the aim of either collecting as much cash as you can, beating a time limit or reaching a certain goal. You guide the ball by tilting the course side to side but one false move either way sees you fall to your death!

You start by entering your name and then selecting which course, difficulty and type of challenge - Coins, Time or Goal - that you want to attempt. It is a little confusing though to work out exactly how to to start a game as there are so many options, so my first few minutes were spent clicking wildly just to start the damned thing.

Once you get going, controlling the ball in Neverball is extremely tricky. You'll need the deft hand of Picasso to make sure your ball doesn't roll off the edge, hit a barrier or simply run out of control. It takes several goes before you can even complete one course on the easy level so this is not a game just to waste a few minutes - it's one to absorb yourself in.

If you've got the patience to guide a ball through some seemingly impossible worlds, and you need some mouse control practice, you'll enjoy Neverball.

Fix inconsistent quoting in error messagesTry to work around GCC optimizations breaking switch/body timers


  • Fix inconsistent quoting in error messagesTry to work around GCC optimizations breaking switch/body timers


  • Good graphics and sound
  • Realistic motion effects
  • Lots of different courses and levels


  • Bit confusing to work out how to start a game
  • Very frustrating at first
  • A bit too difficult even at beginner level

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Neverball for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 1.5.4
  • 4
  • (108)
  • Security Status

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  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    it is the best game ever.
    it awesome and I love it it is the best game ever I love love it I want to download it I love it


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